Posted by: addictionstinks | May 18, 2010

Got A Letter From J

I guess so far he’s still alive – LOL.

His letter says that he’s ok – he guesses. He’s on 24/7 lockdown so just sitting in his cell doing nothing at all. He’s allowed to shower once a week (bet it gets stinky in there!), and allowed out in the yard once a week. That’s it. So for every week, he’s allowed out of his cell for TWO whole hours – woopie! He’ll be there for about 3-4 weeks waiting for a bed at his parent prison.

Of course there’s the usual “Its time I straighten myself out” part of the letter. I’m used to those. Hoping this hard time will be enough to convince him that this is the way it needs to be.

All in all a pretty short letter. “Send pictures, send money” – LOL. I don’t think I can send any money while he’s in reception tho. I don’t believe he’s allowed to purchase commissary. How he got these 2 write-outs is completely beyond me (he wrote to his girlfriend too). He must have convinced someone to give them to him. I’m guessing this will probably be the only letter I’ll get while he’s there.

God, what an awful way to live. Sitting in lockdown 24/7 staring at the cement wall. That would be enough to convince me to NEVER break the law again, but then again, I’m not him.

Thank you soooooo much for all the wonderful hugs, comments, and support on my last post. I’m still freaking out, but I feel a bit better today. Its kind of like this constant cloud of scared/mad/sad hanging over me all day every day. I think about him constantly – I can’t make it stop.

Gonna go watch the puppy chase his tail now – always good entertainment!! LOL!!



  1. I’m so happy you heard from J!! I know that brought you some relief. I’m also glad that you now know he’s relatively safe (being in lock down). I hope for you peace and much deserved rest!! Sending you Lots of hugs and prayers!!!

  2. Puppies are the greatest!

    Glad you heard from J. Sounds like the prison system is the same nationwide, what you described was just like Chino. I can tell you feel a bit better today 🙂 Hang in there.

    Thinking of you!!!!

  3. When I’m down I focus on my dogs too! They can scare the bad thoughts away!
    So glad you heard from him. That had to bring you some relief – praise God he got the two write-outs!
    God bless.

  4. Getting busy with something I am passionate about has helped me to break the obsessive thoughts. I no longer have them. Being in recovery and working with others has done a lot of good, more than I can describe here. But well, that’s what my blog is about!

  5. Syd’s got a really good point – as do you, with your puppy chasing his tail! Focusing on ourselves, and our own interests, passions and hobbies, and other family members is healthy for us. My goal is to let my daughter learn her lessons and to take all the energy that I can and turn it towards the rest of my family and ME.

    Notice I said that is my GOAL. There are days when I slip up. I think I’m back on track today. There’s a bathroom floor and a scrub brush with my name on them, and after that – I’m escaping to my sewing room and some good music!

    Wishing you a GREAT day!!

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