Posted by: addictionstinks | April 25, 2010

Standing My Ground

Excerpts from text messages between me and J yesterday:

J: Mom

Me: What

J: Can you come get us, I want to sleep there tonight.

Me: Nope

J: Why not?

Me: I just got home from work and from bringing Gramma some groceries and I just sat down 2 minutes ago. Nice timing!

J: Fine, I’ll ask Dan (to bring them over here)

Me: Nope

J: Why not?

Me: I don’t want you here tonight. I just need to relax and I don’t feel well.

J: You suck

Me: So do you

End of conversation.

He’s still at his girlfriend’s house, but wanted to come stay the night here. I didn’t want him to. Just not up for babysitting my addict on a Saturday night after a long day of work. Nope. Didn’t feel like it. Don’t wanna. Don’t have to. Not gonna. Deal with it!

He still doesn’t know that I know that he smoked pot. I’m still thinking about how to handle this. Part of me says just let the law handle it – cuz they will! But in the meantime, I’m not gonna do him any favors, or give him any opportunity to beg for money, eat my food, steal from me, sleep in my home, or in any other way get something from me that I do not wish to give. Its my choice whether I give to him or not, and right now its NOT. And I’m not sorry either. So there! Pfffffftttt!!!



  1. Sounds good to me and like you are taking care of yourself.

  2. You go girl! Great attitude. Kepp it up. You know why! Because you are worth it!

  3. Sorry for the spelling errors above!

  4. You’re finding your strength to take care of yourself. Good for you šŸ™‚
    God bless.

  5. Good for you!

  6. good response,…….u don’t need to jump to his demands,….as you know. Hang in there.

  7. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Applause!!

    I hope you had a restful night!! Hugs!

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