Posted by: addictionstinks | April 12, 2010

Nice visit home

All went well! I picked J up at 8:00 as scheduled. We came home and ate donuts for breakfast, went and did our shopping, hung out for the day and generally had a good time! It wasn’t PERFECT, but really great nonetheless.

Hubby was pretty disconnected the entire day. He still carries that anger around, and its not yet going to allow him to enjoy his son. Maybe someday…. He likes to hold grudges, but this one is getting pretty old.

J did complain about having to go to the AA meeting at 3:00 – he didn’t want to be bothered. I took him anyways, and as it turns out, they no longer hold a 3:00 meeting there. There was one guy there watching TV who informed J of this and gave him a card with the meeting times listed on the back. J showed it to me and sure enough, the 3:00 meeting was not listed, so I know he was telling the truth. So he did not attend a meeting, which is something he’s supposed to do during his 12 hours out of there.

All in all, he looks great, sounds much healthier. He says he’s making some good friends there, and is even making plans to go to the halfway house in about another month. He knows which one he wants to go to, which happens to be the same one that some of his friends he’s made will be going to. A step in the right direction, as before he was saying he didn’t want to go to halfway house, he wanted to come home. I said no. Guess he gets it now.

I would say the day was a success. Thank you Lord!



  1. What a wonderful day! That anger can be hard to let go of…it took me a long time but with work, I can now love my son freely and still detach and let him live his own life.


  2. I’m glad that things are going better with your boundaries. That generally helps a lot.

  3. This is great to hear! I am so glad it went well. Such a good feeling 🙂

  4. Sounds like it was an overall positive day with good news too!
    Praise God! It’s so nice getting good updates!

  5. Praising the Lord with you! Sounds like you had a great day.

    I remember those first visits for just a few hours. Our son’s rehab was five hours away, so we had to check him out of the facility and have him back when we were done. But it was great to have him in the outside world with us.

    I also remember the times when he said he was only going to stay in rehab for four months (the program was a year, minimum, but it was voluntary). Then he was only going to stay for the year, and he wasn’t going to do the extra six-month internship (but he did end up doing it and now works on staff at the rehab on weekends, while going to college nearby).

    He would tell us his plans, and invariably, we would receive a phone call within a few days saying, “Well, God won’t let me do “so and so”. I’m going to stay”… or whatever the situation was.

    Enjoy this milestone, and we pray there will be many more! Happy to hear about the halfway house.

    You’re in our prayers,

  6. HAPPY DANCE! Good for you and J! My husband also holds on to a grudge…I think it is his own personal torture for himself and J. Soooooooooo unproductive.

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