Posted by: addictionstinks | March 28, 2010

No Visit Home

Well it looks like its a “no” on the visit home this weekend. I haven’t heard from J, but his girlfriend got a letter from him that said that he got into trouble (for what I don’t know) and has been denied his pass this weekend.

Oh well. He still has a lot to learn. J is the type of person who thinks the rules do not apply to him. Of course, in rehab they have lots of rules!! Last week he got into trouble for not using proper protocol when speaking to a counsellor (you need to request a time, and he did not – he chose to just stop the counsellor in the hallway to speak to her).

Peanuts, compared to the trouble he has been in! But nonetheless, its a hard lesson that he needs to learn. The world does NOT revolve around J or his wants at this very moment. There are rules put in place for a reason, and they must be followed – not broken just because HE has a want.

Perhaps next weekend??



  1. each lesson learned that the whole entire world no longer revolves around them and their issues is a step toward adulthood, and not using.

    adults take care of issues. all addicts are children emotionally and mentally whether we realize it or not.

  2. Like Dawn said, hopefully another lesson learned

  3. I agree with Dawn, every single step, now matter how small it seems, towards learning that it is not just about him is a step forward. I will be hoping for next week with you.

  4. And I agree with Dawn & Renee! I know it is disappointing to not get to see him though 😦 But, J is handling his life and that’s probably most important right now that he learns to grow on his own.
    God bless.

  5. Maybe he is learning more about consequences of his actions?? It certainly can’t hurt. Take care of you and the puppy.

  6. Oh my…You mean rules are for everyone? This is a concept my son has not mastered either. I am really hoping he learns it before he ends up in jail. I really hope your son can learn from this lesson. Take care of yourself.

  7. Someone told me once that our kids developmentally stop growing when they start using drugs. I tend to agree with that. I am glad that someone is holding him responsible and is trying to teach him the right things. Take care.

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