Posted by: addictionstinks | March 1, 2010

I Met An Old Friend

I love Facebook! Its been so much fun finding old friends and re-connecting with them. Yesterday I met an old friend from my childhood for breakfast at a local restaurant. I’ve known Sharon since 4th grade. We used to live a couple of blocks from one another and hung out daily when we were kids. Of course life got in the way and we lost touch. But now we’ve re-connected! And it was so great to see her!

So we get to talking about the kids of course. And I mention that I have one that’s an addict who’s in treatment right now. Turns out Sharon’s son is a heroin addict too – clean for one year! It was so nice to be able to compare notes with a fellow mom who’s been through this – in person. We lingered over breakfast in the restaurant for over 2 hours and then talked and talked in the parking lot for another hour! It was like neither of us wanted to say good-bye. This one thing in common bound us together, and we were hanging on to each other for dear life. We cried, we laughed, we talked and talked and talked.

I’m so happy that her son is clean. He did his stint in jail too (5 months just like my son), and then time in a rehab facility. It surely gives me hope to see that her son’s story so closely parallels mine, and that he has been staying clean successfully. HOPE!

I think Sharon and I will be seeing a lot more of each other now.



  1. God is so good, and we are excited for you to have connected with your friend!

    Cheri and Wayne

  2. I like FB too. I’ve reconnected with old friends and relatives I have not talked to in years.

    Glad to hear your friend has a positive story about her son!!!

  3. I like to reconnect with past friends/family on FB also. I think God placed this friend back in your path for sure.

  4. What a great encouragement your friend’s story is!

  5. I have done the Twitter thing but perhaps will try Facebook as well. I’m glad that you reconnected with a friend.

  6. There is nothing like hearing about someone who has stayed does give us much hope!

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