Posted by: addictionstinks | February 25, 2010


So I went and picked J up and was able to talk in the car and find out more of what’s going on. He had an itchy rashy thing going on “down there” as well as all down his thighs. He saw the “doctor” (who I don’t think is REALLY a doctor) at the rehab, who said it could be Herpes, Syphallis, Gonorhea – they didn’t know for sure. Which is why they sent him on to the health clinic.

Anyways, turns out its scabies! More than likely contracted during his 5-month stint in the county jail – from his bed mat. They gave him some cream to smear all over himself last night and then shower it off this morning, and it should kill the scabies.

Meanwhile, he did the full battery of STD testing. He did the rapid HIV which was negative (whew!). The rest we have to wait for results on. Hoping nothing more shows up in those tests.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and thoughts! I truly believe in the power of group prayer, and you guys all came through for us!! Thank you thank you thank you!!



  1. Seems weird to say “Thank God” for scabies, but under the circumstances… *wink*

    Continuing in prayer,

  2. LOL at Cheri’s comment:) The power of prayer is just amazing.

  3. Great news! Well, not great, scabies is very annoying and I think highly contagious (?) but great news for what is WASN’T!!

  4. I’m glad! (which sounds odd under the circumstances, but you know…. better scabies than some of the things they test for!) I hold my breath every time my daughter is tested… So far so good!

    Hang in there!

  5. Sounds like nasty stuff. I once got bed bugs and it was really unpleasant. Glad that it was not one of the more nasty bugs.

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