Posted by: addictionstinks | February 24, 2010

STD Testing

J called me yesterday from the rehab and asked that I pick him up at 4:00 today and take him for testing for STDs. YIKES!! My first thought was AIDS!! because he is a heroin addict that was using needles. I told him, “Please tell me you don’t think you have AIDS so I don’t have to freak!” He assured me that was not it, but we will talk more when I take him today. He didn’t want to talk on the phone.

Now, he’s had a girlfriend for over 3 years. But I know for a fact that he’s cheated on her A LOT (like I keep saying, I have nooooooo idea why she stays with him). So, of course this will affect her as well. If J has some sort of STD, the girlfriend will have to get tested too, which sucks because she really is a great kid! And totally wouldn’t deserve this.

I’m scared. Please pray!



  1. Praying for you and J, and his girlfriend! I know where our son went to rehab, STD testing was mandatory before they even admitted the addict, so maybe this is just a routine procedure.

    Hang in there,

  2. I hope its routine and if not that its nothing “serious” (how can an STD not be serious?”. Ironically I will be doing the same thing at 3 pm today, K is being tested for HIV, Hep C and some other blood stuff related to his meds. Routine stuff but still, you just hope it all comes out negative.

  3. Bryan recently was tested for Hep C; due to shared needle use, while in rehab. I think it is standard operating procedure for these facilities. That doesn’t make it any easier for you, though. You and J are in my prayers.

  4. It is standard procedure for jail and rehabs, etc. Try not to worry until there is something to worry about, it will just make you sick. I will pray that all the tests come out negative. You are in my thoughts.

  5. It’s great that he is getting testing for STD’s.

    I understand where you are coming from in your concern/empathy for the girlfriend. But, a gentle reminder…

    Nobody deserves an STD. You probably would agree that your son does not deserve an STD.

    Neither did the woman he got an STD from (if it turns out he has one).

    His girlfriend doesn’t deserve it either, even if it turns out she is the woman he got it from.

    STDs are infections…not punishments for infidelity…any more than rape is a punishment for wearing “sexy” clothing.

    I do HIV and Hep C counseling and testing as part of my job, so I’m very aware of how viewing diseases in terms of deserving and undeserving “victims” works. It can be very hurtful and destructive.

    Language matters!

  6. I am praying for you and your family. Let us know how it turned out.

  7. Hope that all will be okay. I wonder at the risky behavior of people–drugs and sex are like playing Russian roulette with your life.

  8. I hope all is ok. I would recommend a blood test as well. Its better to know about any problems before they cause an issue.

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